Get Him Back Forever - 3 Powerful Tips

Published: 07th January 2010
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Every day in every country on every continent on this planet there are couples that breakup. The good news is that many of these couples change their mind and decide together to give their relationship another chance even after saying and doing some of the most horrible things to each other.

If you have gone through a breakup with your boyfriend or husband and you are hoping and praying for another chance here is some powerful advice that will help you to get him back.

Take A Breather - It may go against your instinct but for right now the best thing that you can do to get him back is to break off contact with your ex. This means no phone calls, no text messages, no emails and avoid going to any places where you might run into him.

The reason for this is twofold. First, contacting him on a regular basis will never help you to get him back. You are only making yourself appear weak. You will become an annoyance and only drive him further away. Second, chances are that once you stop contacting him he will begin to think about you. Give him some time to miss you and then eventually worry that some other guy is going to take his place in your life

Thank Him - That's right. After some time has passed, perhaps a couple of weeks or so, call him on the phone or send him a text message or email saying that you wanted to thank him. Keep it short and just say that you hope that he is doing well and that you just wanted to thank him. This is typically best left in the form of a voice mail or text message or email but if he answers your call you can just keep it short and sweet and just thank him.

If he tries to dig deeper you can tell him that you were thanking him because great things are happening in your life that may never have happened if he hadn't broken up with you. If he is mean or sarcastic you can cut the call short and tell him that you have to go but "thanks again...really".

Wait - This is usually the hardest part but there will come a time when he will have a moment of weakness and he will feel the pangs of jealousy. His mind will begin to get the best of him and he will want to check up on you. Make yourself unavailable, if you can. If he just shows up at your door then this might not be possible but what tends to work best is for you to talk as little as possible. Let him talk and get it all out. This is a popular technique for law enforcement. If he comes to you the less you say the more he will wind up saying... usually up to and including hinting at asking you for another chance.

With a little patience and a level head these tips will help you to save face and help you to get him back in a short period of time. Although you may have lost all hope of getting him back just remember that couples get back together every day in spite of some of the most impossible circumstances. Armed with a desire for a loving, intimate relationship and some good advice you can overcome any obstacle.

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