Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back What is Pulling Him Away?

Published: 14th December 2010
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Are you trying to get your ex boyfriend back but it feels like he is being pulled further and further away from you? Every day, no matter what you say or do, it seems as if you are losing the battle for his heart and his love one backwards step at a time and you just don't know what to do to get him back. No matter what you say it all get twisted around and no matter what you do it gets taken the wrong way and you find yourself spending all your time trying to explain your motives and your heart to him. At times it just seems like he's not the same person you once loved and you might even feel like giving up some days.

But don't give up! There is hope and for the majority of couples that breakup there is a solution to their problems no matter how horrible the situation may seem. There are couples that get back together after even the most seemingly unforgivable of errors in judgment every day. And many of these couples go on to live simply wonderful lives together, never to revisit the troubles of their past ever again. You could be one of these couples and you really can get your ex boyfriend back if you have the patience and if you really do love your boyfriend with all your heart.

There could be several reasons why your ex is acting so weird. The most common of which is the influence of a person outside of your relationship. Sure, it might seem like he is nit picking and that he doesn't have a nice thing to say about you and everything that you do is wrong. These complaints may have started to come out of nowhere but often it is the coaching of a friend, family member or another woman that has turned your boyfriend against you. It could be a friend of his that you don't care for or that you said something to that has decided to fill your boyfriend's head full of doubt about you. It could be his mother that has decided that you are stealing her little boy away from her or that you're not who she envisioned her son with. Or it could be a girl that he works with that has her eyes set on your boyfriend or has had her hopes set on dating him for some time before you stole his heart.

Either way, there is often a reason for unexplained changes in behavior like this and whether it began before the breakup or as the two of yo started to have problems the fact is that there is often a cheering section of people telling him that he is probably better off without you. Your goal is to not only not screw up but to bring your boyfriend back around to see that you're not as evil as he might be thinking you are in his mind right now. No, you can't blame external forces for taking him away from you or confront him about your suspicions. This fact is his to discover and it will be him who has to deal with the perpetrator once you do get back together again. You will just have to be your wonderful self and let your boyfriend decide how things will be once you get back together. Either this person will be told to deal with it or they will be out of his life. But it will not be your decision to have him make this call.

Often when a woman forces a man to make that decision between her and a friend or family member she will wind up losing in the end. She might win the battle but eventually she will loose the war when the jilted friend or family member steps things up a bit and does everything in their power to destroy the relationship. This is a very precarious position to be in and it tends to be a losing one too so don't let yourself get in this position, ok?

Your goal should be to rebuild not only your relationship eventually but to restore that connection that you and your ex shared. Your entire purpose for a while needs to be to figure out how to soften his heart and first bring your friend back into your life. You remember when he was your best friend and you shared everything with each other? Somewhere along the way that got lost and you need to find it. Somewhere along the way you lost your best friend. And what do we do when we want a friend back? We become a friend.

Now this might sound very simplistic but think about some of the friends that you have. How do you feel about the ones that push their friendship on you? It's kind of a turn off, isn't it? They might come off as needy and weak and a little bit creepy. That is not the kind of friend that you want to be. You want to be the person that everyone would kill to have as a friend. You want to be the person that everyone loves to be around and the one that people go to for advice and to share secrets with because you really do care about them. This is the type of friendship and eventually love relationship that you want to present to your ex boyfriend.

Of course, if you have spent a lot of time pushing to get your ex boyfriend back you might want to back off for a while. Spend some time letting the smoke clear, emotions to settle down and give yourself a little bit of time to get yourself pulled back together. Think about what you can say and do once some time has passed to reconnect with your boyfriend again. Come up with a plan that will create attraction and overshadow the pain and strife that this breakup has caused so you can start your relationship anew. Regain your confidence that you can change how your ex boyfriend thinks about you no matter who is filling his head full of lies right now. He fell in love with you once so there is little doubt in my mind that you can get him to fall in love with you again if you do this right.

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