Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Enough Pussyfooting Around

Published: 14th December 2010
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Are you trying to get your ex girlfriend back but it seems like everything that you do just backfires on you? Have you tried talking to her but she winds up twisting your words around? You've tried being nice but that just seems to make her angry? Have you told her you still love her but she doesn't seem to care? Does it seem like you're never going to be able to get your ex girlfriend back and you are just about ready to give up?

The problem with all the normal things that you might think would work to get your ex girlfriend back is that basically you're being too much of a nice guy. Sure, women say that they're looking for nice guys and being nice is good and helpful when you're in a relationship but when you're on the downhill part of a breakup a woman loses respect for a guy that is overly nice and accommodating. There will come a day when being nice will be appreciated but if she just broke up with you it is abnormal for you to be nice to her. After all, who's nice to someone that's basically mean to them? Being nice at this stage is just ridiculous.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to be nasty to her or mean to her. That could definitely drive her away for good. Being mean to your ex will only give her further ammunition to prove her point and make her solidify her decision to break up with you. At least for the moment you should try to be like Switzerland... be neutral. While things are are turned upside down you should try to show little or no emotion and keep contact with your ex girlfriend to a minimum. Avoid her at all costs until you have your head back together and resist that urge to call her, text her, email her and definitely don't show up at her door to try to talk to her.

Once you have your head screwed back on it's time to get down to business. If you are serious about getting your ex girlfriend back it's going to take being a bit of a sneak. It's going to require you to keep what you're up to a secret. That includes telling your friends and family that you are determined to get your ex girlfriend back or how you plan on doing it. People talk and all it would take is for one of your buddies to share with his girlfriend the fact that you are still in love with your ex and she tells two friend and so on and so on. Next thing you know, your ex knows that you're up to something. So keep this stuff to yourself.

In order to get your ex girlfriend back you're going to have to beat her at her own game. You're going to have to learn what motivates women to change their mind and what emotions you can leverage to bring her around. No amount of talking or convincing is going to change your ex girlfriend's mind. It is going to have to be an emotional choice on her part. You have heard that women are ruled by their emotions, right? So, logic has no part in this plan and shouldn't even be considered when you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back.

Talking and being nice should be saved for another day when you actually do have her back. In most cases though, if you can hit the right emotional triggers with a woman she will come back to you with such passion that all the issues from the past that were supposedly the reasons for her dumping you in the first place go right out the window. Most of the time the relationship is started with a clean slate and the really cool part is that you will actually have the upper hand because she is the one that will be coming back to you!

In the end, motivating your ex girlfriend emotionally is the best way to get her to come back to you. It is the quickest and most effective way to bring about that necessary change in your ex and get her to change her mind about your breakup.

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