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Published: 06th January 2010
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I had to laugh! I couldn't help it! I was telling a friend about Tiffany Taylor and her book "Guy Gets Girl" and how I thought it was a great resource for any guy that wanted to know more about how to pick up hot girls. "After all", I said, "who better to know what a woman wants than another woman?" to which he replied, "Since when does a woman know what she wants?" Funny stuff!

In all seriousness though, typically when I want some insight into what a woman is thinking or what her other "insider advice" I ask another woman. Some of my best friends are female and usually they are a wealth of information when it comes to figuring out what a girl's intentions are, if she's playing me or if she's into me or not.

Of course, there comes that invisible line that most women simply won't cross. There are topics that most women simply won't discuss with a man. What really turns them on and the "how to" of how to turn them on is one of those areas that is pretty much off limits with women....especially very hot women.

This is why there has been such an outrage on the part of women, particularly hot women, over Tiffany Taylors book Guy Gets Girl. With these secrets out women lose the power in the relationship...especially hot women who are used to holding most if not all the cards in a relationship.

Now there are a lot of books out there that will give you advice on how to pick up women. Some of them have some helpful advice and proven tactics but none of them are written by a woman and in particular, a very hot woman. Who better to know what turns beautiful women on than another beautiful woman? A psychologist? A sociologist? No...even experts in these areas wouldn't be able to help you to unlock the secrets to what pushes the buttons of a woman that could have any man that she wants.

So, if you're really interested in finding out what it takes to date women of this caliber you're going to need this information. Going it alone will no doubt end in you crashing and burning as you probably have already done in the past. Beautiful women are almost a whole different species when it comes to dating...but if you really want to get inside their head get yourself some honest, gut level advice that will help you stand head and shoulders above all the other guys that are hoping to make time with these women. With a little insight victory can be yours...

To learn more about what turns beautiful women on go to Tiffany Taylors Guy Gets Girl Homepage. Find out the secrets to dating beautiful women from a beautiful woman herself.

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